We sew a case for felt glasses

If someone in a family wears glasses, often he (or she) will forget where they were put. To avoid such complications, I decided to sew for the grandmother a pencil case made of bright red felt. List of necessary: ​​ 1. Red hard felt. 2. Two sheets of felt of different colors (for flowers and leaves). 3.Nights of two colors (in the tone of a felt). 4. Needles, scissors.  We sew a bag for glasses from felt
Patterns of flowers and leaves is not difficult to find on the Internet by typing the necessary request. The selected images are copied and cut out the details. A very simple flower can be carefully drawn by hand.  We sew a bag for glasses from felt The cover itself is sewn elementary, measurements are made, a piece of felt is cut twice wider than necessary. The edges need to be sewn only after the decorative finish is finished.  We sew a bag for glasses from felt You can simplify the task and just stick all the details to coverbut I wanted to give charm to my work with hand-made stitches. Therefore, for the beginning, I sewed on the leaves.
 We sew a felt glasses case
the flowers were sewn in red.
We sew a case for of felt glasses
In total, I used 2 flowers, 3 berries, 2 simple leaves and 1 triple. It will not be difficult to make such a composition, you just need to evenly distribute the details over the entire surface of the future eyegun. It is advisable not to place them close to the edges.
 We sew a case for felt glasses
We sew a case for glasses from felt
Flowers can be left as they are, but I like it when the veins on the petals are embroidered.
We sew a case for glasses from felt
composition is necessary to fix, do it in the least. First you need to finish the finishing stitches.So the edges of the threads will remain inside the eyeglasses, they will not stick out.
 We sew a case for felt glasses
Last but not least, it embroidered stalks, outlined their contours on the felt pen.
 We sew a case for felt glasses
It remains only to flash the eyeglass case along the edge using an overlay stitch. Carefully thread the ends of the threads inward, trim.

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