Wedding beaded bouquet (beadwork)

Wedding bouquet of beads (beadwork)- a beautiful and very bright bouquet of beads. This is a fairly complex and time-consuming project, but the result justifies the forces expended on its manufacture.

Materials and tools:

  1. beads - dark blue, white, green, blue and antique gold
  2. beading wire;
  3. pliers and nippers;
  4. florist tape;
  5. gum;
  6. tape to wrap the stems.

Step 1

We make a petal to make a large petal, cut a piece of wire 80 cm long. We make a loop 6-8 cm long, leave 2 ends of the wire: one 4 cm, the other will be long. We put dark blue beads on the long end of the wire.

Step 2

At the long end of the wire, slide the 3 beads to the loop, also put on the 4 cm end 3 beads, and tightly wrap the 4 cm end around the long end.

Step 3

At the 4 cm end, put on 2 beads and move them to the loop. Then we shift the beads on the long end to the loop and begin to wrap it around the center. Do not forget to wrap the wire around the 4 cm end to secure the rows, and gradually twist the loop into a spiral. Repeat step to the desired number of rows (petal size). The outer row of the petal is made of white beads. &Nbsp;

Step 4

Repeating the steps, we will make 3 petals from a piece of wire 80 cm, then, in the same way, we will make 3 smaller petals from a piece of wire 50 cm long.

When all the petals are ready, take 3 small petals and twist their stems together. Then add 3 large petals at the bottom of the small petals and fasten their stems to the common stem.

Step 5

Let's make a flower stamen. Cut a piece of wire, put 2 large beads on it and twist it, as shown in the figure. Then gently push the wire stamens between the petals and fasten it to the common stem.

Step 6

Let's start forming a bouquet.

Repeating the previous steps, we will make several colors. The stalk of each flower tightly wrap the green florist tape. We will collect flowers in a bouquet, and flower stems are glued together with an elastic band and we are wrapped in a beautiful ribbon above.

A wedding bouquet of beadsis ready. Using beads of different colors, you can get beautiful and amazing flowers.

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