What bird makes the biggest nests in the world

Oiled Australian Chicken

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Record holders in the construction of the most voluminous nests are considered to be Australian hens. Despite the name, they have nothing in common with ordinary chickens and look like pheasants. Birds have a greyish-colored plumage, their size is about turkey. Birds live mainly in that part of Australia, where shrubs and dry soils predominate, so their nests look quite specific. The design of the incubator resembles a hill with a depression, its height varies from 4 to 5 meters, and the diameter can reach 13 meters.
Ornithologists say that if you count the natural materials that were spent on the construction of the nesting, it will be about 3 tons of weight and 250 cubic meters of volume.
Interestingly, the male is engaged in all construction work, bringing dry leaves and grass into the dug hole, which should rot with the arrival of the rain.The father of the bird family itself decides when the female can use the nest, he continuously monitors his condition and temperature inside the incubator.

Bald eagle

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Still, the nest of the eye of Australian chickens is very unusual, given their terrestrial location. But if you hold a contest among the birds that build the nests of the usual pattern, then white-headed eagles will be the undoubted winners. The results of their hard work are confirmed in the Guinness Book of Records. The feathered couple chooses for living the top of a large spreading tree or a stable platform on a rock not far from any body of water. They jointly construct a nest of branches, sticks, and other similar materials, regularly strengthening its strength. Such a home will serve them for several years.
The bowl-shaped nest of the eagle reaches 2-3 tons in weight, while its diameter is 2-3 meters and its height is 4-6 meters.

Golden eagle

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Third place rightfully got the golden eagles. These large birds of prey prefer to settle on the outskirts of the forest, not far from the open spaces, which are convenient for hunting. A pair of golden eagles usually builds several nests and lives alternately in them.The nest consists of boughs and all kinds of sticks, and from the inside is lined with moss and grass, sometimes even with skins of caught rodents. Golden Eagles keep their place of residence clean, especially taking care of fresh bedding during the breeding season. The nest is fixed on thick branches and forks of trees. The average size of such a nest is 1.5 m wide and 1.5 m high, and this is far from the limit. There are large sizes of the golden eagle nests - up to 4 meters deep.

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