What fruits can be used for homemade masks

������Apple masks
Apples are used to cleanse the skin. The masks of them have a moisturizing effect, they refresh and tone the skin, making it more elastic and toned. Apple masks can be applied to any skin type.
Banana masks
Banana is perfect for dry skin care. Masks from it moisturize and smooth the skin, make it more elastic and remove fine wrinkles. Using a banana as a care product can slightly whiten the skin and improve the complexion.
Pear masks
Due to the disinfecting components contained in the pear, it is possible to exert a cleansing and astringent effect on the skin - it will become elastic and smooth. Pear helps get rid of pigmentation and is perfect for any skin type.
Kiwi Masks
This exotic fruit is a storehouse of vitamins and organic acids. After applying masks from kiwi skin becomes elastic and healthy looking.Ideal for those who want to cleanse the face and tone the skin.
Garnet masks
Pomegranate is recommended for owners of oily skin. The juice of this fruit is able to whiten the skin, it tightens pores and helps with acne. In addition to juice, you can use pomegranate seeds for the preparation of natural scrub.
Persimmon Masks
Owners of withering, dry or aging skin should pay attention to the persimmon, because it perfectly tones and refreshes. And the astringent effect of persimmon helps to narrow pores, which will be appreciated by those with oily skin.
Mango Masks
Juicy, tasty and soft tropical fruit will fill the skin with vitamins, will have a revitalizing and tonic effect. The aroma of mango additionally helps to relax and mentally transfer to some paradise island.

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