What is a magnet?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 5, 2015
What is a magnet?

A magnet is an object that has its own magnetic field. Magnets are capable of attracting iron and some other metals with their field. In this article we will describe in more detail what a magnet is.

Magnus Stone

According to the legend, the first magnet was found by a shepherd named Magnus, who once discovered that a stone was “sticking” to the iron tip of his shepherd’s stick. On behalf of the shepherd magnet and got the name.

Ancient Magnesia

However, there is another theory. In antiquity in Asia Minor there was a region called Magnesia. Large deposits of magnetite (magnetic iron ore), a black mineral with magnetic properties, were discovered in this region. Mineral got the name of the area in which it was discovered. This theory, of course, is somewhat more believable than the story about the shepherd.

Magnet or magnetism

Magnets are materials that have a magnetic field regardless of the conditions in which they are located. Magnetism is called the property of some materials to turn into magnets under the influence of a magnetic field.There are various types of magnetism (paramagnetism, ferromagnetism, diamagnetism, superparamagnetism, etc.), however, any of the materials has at least one.

Magnet applications

The special properties of magnets have led to their use in many areas - magnetic storage media, credit cards, televisions, monitors, plasma panels, microphones, generators, compasses, etc., the basis of the functioning of these and many other things are magnetic materials.

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