What is a metric?

Andrey Kim
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What is a metric?

A metric is a function that determines a distance in a metric space. But, besides, the area of poetry, the section of musical theory, etc., is also called the metric.

In this article we will describe in more detail what a metric is and deal with the basic concepts of this word.

Basic meanings of the word "metric"

Metric space

A metric or metric set in mathematics is a set that determines the distance between a certain pair of elements. As a rule, the distance between x and y in the metric of M is denoted by d (x, y) or p (x, y).

Metric as a literary term

Metric is a multi-valued linguistic and literary term. In particular, the metric is called the area of poetry, the doctrine of the structure of the poetic line.

Metrics as a birth certificate

The birth certificate was also called the metric, as all birth records were kept in a special register book.

Metrics in music

The word metric is also used in the music field. The metric in this case is the music theory section, which is devoted to the study of the musical meter.The meter in music is a measure that determines the amount of rhythmic constructions.

Yandex. Metrics

Many of us have heard the phrase "Yandex. Metric" is a special tool from the search engine "Yandex", which allows you to evaluate site traffic, the behavior of visitors on it, as well as the effectiveness of advertising.

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