What is hair lamination

The essence of the hair lamination procedure is that a special protective film is created on the surface of each hair. It envelops the hairs from the root to the tip, fills and smoothes out any irregularities and flaws in its structure. Such a delicate coating has many advantages: hair becomes healthy, well-groomed appearance, additional volume and shine. In addition, lamination protects the hair from the effects of ultraviolet, dry air, salts contained in tap water, and acts as a thermal protection. The effect of this procedure lasts for a month, plus or minus one week.

Immediately after lamination, your hair will become more elastic, resilient and shiny. Also, it is worth noting that the volume of hair increases significantly, by about 10-12 percent. This procedure allows you to maintain the desired styling for much longer, even taking into account bad weather conditions, since thanks to lamination, the hair does not absorb additional moisture.Another advantage of the lamination procedure is to preserve the color of dyed hair. Thanks to the protective film covering the hair, the dye molecules are well kept inside the hairs, do not wash out and do not fade. Also, after this procedure, the hair does not dry out and does not electrify, and this is true for both the cold and hot periods of the year.

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For women who by nature have not very thick and thin hair, or they are simply spoiled and damaged, lamination of the hair is an ideal solution. Also, this procedure allows you to forget about brittle or split ends. It is also important that it allows preserving the color and shine of dyed hair for much longer. Experts recommend doing hair lamination immediately after coloring, especially for blondes.

The lamination procedure has no particular contraindications

The lamination composition of the hair includes amino acids, which are not only harmless, but also beneficial to the hair.Such products do not contain any aggressive substances or preservatives that could damage the hair structure. After the lamination procedure, you can take care of your hair, as before, but you should exclude shampoos with the effect of deep cleansing (if you used these before). During the day after the application of this procedure, it is not recommended to influence the hair with any cosmetic products or to subject them to the influence of high temperatures (i.e. not to use a hair dryer, irons, etc.).

Prejudices and Misconceptions

1. Hair will not be able to breathe. The basis for the means for lamination is protein, and its intermolecular space is much larger than air molecules, therefore they pass freely. The protective film on the hair is completely breathable.

2. Frequent lamination will strengthen the hair. Means for lamination is fixed only on the hairs, and not on the previous layer of the same means. Repeat the procedure earlier than a month simply does not make sense.

3. Lamination does not heal the hair. Of course, hair lamination is not a panacea for all ills, but it protects hair well and makes it easier to care for.If the hair is severely thinned, injured or too dry, then initially you should conduct special procedures for their treatment and restoration. And only then fix the effect obtained by lamination.

If you decide to laminate hair, it is very important to strictly follow all the rules, and then get a stunning effect. Hair will look much better, healthier and more attractive, and styling or hairstyle will retain its shape much longer. This procedure can be carried out independently at home and in the salon of a professional. Salon lamination of hair, the price of which has recently substantially decreased, takes about 30 minutes, while the master knows exactly what to do and how. Therefore, it is better not to risk and make lamination from a professional.

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