What is quilling

Today we are accustomed to simplify our life by automated and computer systems that do everything for us. And yet, the hand made remains as popular as ever. There are many different trends in needlework, among them I would like to highlight the technique of quilling. Decorative elements are produced in this style using twisted strips of paper.

The history of the emergence of quilling technique stretches back to the Middle Ages. Then the monks used gilded paper strips to frame the icons, as well as books. Quilling is popular enough nowadays, because it is easy to carry out and consumables, it can serve as an ideal decor of your house.

For manufacturing works in the technique of quilling, you will need:

- strips of colored paper (sets): you can find them in a special store for creativity. When choosing a paper, it is important to pay attention to its thickness and width, since on this depends the quality of your product.

 - tools for quilling: there are special tools, (they can be found in a specialized store) also, initially, they can be replaced with a needle with a large eye or an awl. Many use a toothpick, in which one edge is cut with a stationery knife. - glue: in order to glue the parts, you can use ordinary PVA glue, in order to glue these parts to the surface you need glue in stick, this will allow you to do the job as careful as possible. -scissors: ordinary thin and sharp scissors. - base: you can use both thick paper and plain cardboard. - a set of rulers, tweezers: these items can help make parts in one size, this simplifies the work process.

The technique of quilling is pretty simple, the first thing you need to make is a twisted paper spiral. To do this, you need to fasten the beginning of the paper using the tool you have chosen to twist until a tight core is formed inside the roll. You should have a helix of no more than 1 cm in diameter, which is the basis for the further manufacture of all forms of paper-twisting. It is required to fix it with PVA glue.

There are many different types of figures in the technique of quilling, ranging from the simplest - a tight spiral and ending with a bird's foot. The main figure is a free spiral, it is most often used in this technique. Thus, having at hand the chosen idea for your idea and a set of forms, you can make an interesting product or picture for your interior.

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