What material is best for roof construction?

My parents have a two-story house in Almaty, the roof was made of slate and lately it often flows on what it is worth replacing.
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Now it is quite fashionable for the roof to use a soft coating, before it was made of roofing material, now the coating is very diverse and looks decent, and if it costs a little, you should pay attention to it.
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TamilinNik Kravchenko
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Metal tile is one of the most common roofing materials, you can buy it in Almaty in a specialized company like this one. This material has a number of significant advantages, has a long service life, is relatively inexpensive, simple installation, low weight, as well as good noise isolation. Now metal tiles are made in different colors, so you can easily choose the right colors.
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�I have a roof of ceramic tiles, in my opinion, very comfortable and durable material, gives the house an impressive look. The only negative price of the material is high, and the installation requires special skills.

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