What serials came out in the year of your birth

From "Lost" to "Courtesans' Brilliance and Poverty" - find out what the whole world was watching when you were first born.

It seems that in 40 years nothing has changed. Only before we watched our favorite characters through TV screens, and now we are watching what is happening with our laptops. We have compiled a list of TV shows that were especially popular from the early 2000s to the mid-70s. And, by the way, many of them still have not lost their relevance or have become classics.

2004: “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives”

Photo: shot from the TV series "Lost"

In 2004, the girls and women of our country were mainly divided into two camps: some discussed the adventures of people on the island after the plane crash, while others expressed their opinion about the family happiness and unhappiness of women from a quiet suburb. In the first case, as it is easy to guess, we are talking about the TV series "Lost", and in the second - about "Desperate Housewives." Both of these serials brought a huge number of awards to their creators and several times raised the fees for actors.And it was precisely at this time that everyone paid attention to such Hollywood stars as Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher.

2003: “O.S. - Lonely Hearts"

This series was interesting to almost all generations. So, its creators didn’t lose it, when they decided to show the whole world the secrets, intrigues and experiences of families living in the high society of the resort of Newport Beach in California. And the audience watched the clothes and hairstyles of the main characters, who exactly created the trends of that time. Especially the characters Misha Barton and Rachel Bilson.

2002: “Klava, come on!”

Photo: shot from the series "Klava, come on!"

The comedy series about the young secretary Klava is still watched by those who want to cheer up after a hard day’s work or just laugh heartily. Each series is filled with jokes and does not carry a heavy semantic load. But there are plenty of funny moments! And this is not a story about a plain woman Betty or Katya Pushkareva, who do not know how to stand up for themselves and work hard (at least in the first series), but about a simple, but at the same time strong and cheerful girl who turned out to be in an office where Reigns intrigue and glamor.

2001: "The Mysteries of Smallville"

Photo: shot from the series "The Mysteries of Smallville"

This is one of the longest science fiction TV shows. In the center of the plot - Superman Clark Kent fights against the forces of evil and restores justice to the world. Also, the main character does not forget about earthly affairs - he meets a girl and lives the life of an ordinary guy. By the way, Tom Welling, who performed the main role, was later recognized as one of the most beautiful actors in Hollywood.

2000: “Urban Angels”

In 2000, many residents of our country began to monitor the doctors and nurses who fought for the lives of every patient in the Los Angeles hospital. True, the "City Angels" did not last long. The second season for unknown reasons ended almost immediately after the premiere.

1999: "Simple Truths"

One of the first Russian TV series about the lives of high school students in an ordinary Moscow school was breaking all records in views. And many of the actors who starred in it are now true superstars. Want to see Danil Kozlovsky, the Arthgolz sisters, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya and Maria Gorban, both very young? Revisit Simple Truths!

1998: "Sex and the City", "Wild Angel", "Charmed"

Photo: shot from the series "Sex and the City"

1998 was the richest on the series. It was then that the premieres of the well known “Sex in the big city”, “Wild Angel” and “Charmed” took place. And if the first two tapes have long been known to everyone by heart, then the third one will soon take off the new season. Here are just the main actresses of the tape in the new "Charmed" will not. Instead of Alyssa Milano, Rose McGown and Holly Marie Combs, the creators invited star stars Meloni Diaz, Madeleine Mantok, and Sarah Jeffrey (read more about thisHERE).

1997: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

The lead role in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” made Sarah Michelle Gellar very famous. And posters with her heroine in the late 90s hung on the walls in the rooms of many teenagers. The story of the series was very exciting: Buffy moves from Los Angeles to the small town of Sunnydale and fights the forces of evil in the guise of an ordinary schoolgirl. But the most interesting thing that helps her in this is her school librarian!

1996: "Sabrina is a little witch"

Photo: shot from the TV series "Sabrina - Little Witch"

A year before a girl with supernatural abilities named Buffy, everyone followed the life of the hereditary witch Sabrina, her aunts Zelda and Hilda, who were constantly confused, and a talking black cat.And many ordinary schoolchildren probably dreamed of the last character! It should be noted that the actress Melissa Joan Hart, who performed the main role, is still being featured in many good film projects. Her latest worthy work - the series "Melissa and Joey" and the film "Christmas Broadcast."

1995: "Xena is the warrior queen"

In 1995, many boys presented themselves as Hercules, and girls ... Xenami. However, the series about a woman who fights on a par with men always runs somewhere and dreams about something, and adults also liked it. And the protagonist of the main character, Lucy Lawless, dreamed of almost all women about the press ... In general, in the 90s, Xena was today's Wonder Woman.

1994: Friends

Photo: shot from the TV series "Friends"

This is one of the most famous and rated comic series in the world. No wonder its creators and actors received six Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Award. Also, a project about friends living in the same house and spending evenings in a coffee shop revealed cinema stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt Leblanc and David Schwimmer. The actors, by the way, became very friendly on the set and became friends in real life.Especially Aniston and Cox.

1993: "The X-Files"

The science fiction television series about special agents Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) investigating the unresolved FBI cases, which were often associated with paranormal phenomena, was recognized as a Fox channel hit. It lasted for nine years, and in 2016, 13 years after closing, he returned to the screens again. And, importantly, with the same actors in the lead roles!

1992: "Helen and the guys"

Photo: shot from the series "Helen and the guys"

The premiere of the youth French series “Helene and the Guys” took place in 92nd, but here in Russia, it was shown two years later. And regardless of the country, all without exception, the audience liked to observe the lives of ordinary students - stylish girls who spend their free time in the gym, and their handsome guys, who dream of becoming musicians. Interestingly, the project after the end was continued under the title “Dreams of Love” and was released on screens in the 95th.

1991: "Harry and Henderson"

In 1991, they began to show a family and good series about a snowman named Harry, whom she found in the forest, and then sheltered by the Henderson family.Then, it seems, everyone dreamed of having a similar creature with a huge heart at home ... However, in the last series, the heroes of the picture still had to part with Harry and take him back to their homeland.

1990: "Beverly Hills 90210"

Photo: shot from the series "Beverly Hills 90210"

One of the very first TV shows about the life of the American golden youth. In it, the main characters lived in the prestigious Los Angeles area of ​​Beverly Hills, were friends, quarreled, fell in love, parted, enjoyed themselves and felt sad. At the same time, the creators of the tape in the plot wanted to show not only a luxurious life, but also the main problems of adolescents and their parents that are relevant at all times.

1989: “Just Mary” and “Malibu's Savers”

Photo: shot from the series "Rescuers Malibu"

Two very different in style and plot, but incredibly popular TV series - “Just Maria” and “Rescuers of Malibu” - came out in one year. The first talked about the difficult life of a simple girl, Mary, who came from a village to a big city, and the second - about the everyday life of lifeguards on the beaches of California. And then the audience had to decide what they liked more: twisted Mexican scenes or light American stories.

1988: Freddie's Nightmares

“One, two, Freddie will take you. Three, four, close the door in the apartment ... ”- this rhyme about the killer Freddy Krueger, perhaps, is known to everyone who was born in the 90s. And all thanks to the horror series, which premiered in the world in 1988. Admittedly, then it was one of the first frightening projects that were shown on television broadcasting. But his popularity beat all records.

1987: “Wild Rose”

Photo: shot from the TV series "Wild Rose"

This Mexican tale of Cinderella was watched by all women. And the lonely ones, looking at the love of a beautiful heir to a great fortune Ricardo to an ordinary girl named Rose, dreamed of a similar story. However, as often happens in the subjects of Latin Americans, the life of the main characters has always been difficult. With such a disposition, especially impressionable telezheritsy stocked up with handkerchiefs, because in some moments it was extremely difficult to hold back tears.

1986: “The Kinglet is a songbird”

This is the first Turkish series, which has become incredibly popular in our country. The plot was written on the basis of the novel of the same name by Reshat Nuri Günthekin and unfolded in Turkey during the First World War. The main character, a girl named Feride, falls in love with her cousin,he reciprocates her, and they begin to prepare for the wedding. But their love stories had to end because of his relationship with another ... Recently, in 2013, by the way, the premiere of an updated version of the series took place. And with the same name.

1985: "Detective Agency" Moonlight "

In 1985, the American detective series was released with elements of comedy and parody. And the main roles in it were performed by the well-known Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. Few people know, but after the release of the first seasons this project was recognized as one of the best of all time. And its creators were even nominated for 16 Emmy Awards!

1984: Santa Barbara

Photo: shot from the series "Santa Barbara"

The name of this soap opera has long been a household name. And even those who have not seen a single series know it ... “Well, Santa Barbara is happening in your life,” we say, meaning the rich life of the interlocutor. And about the saturation of the plot of this tape is not worth talking about. Everyone knows that it was shown on the screens for almost 10 years (more than 2,000 episodes were filmed). And during this time, what just did not happen with the main characters!

1983: "Jane Eyre"

Photo: shot from the TV series "Jane Eyre"

The TV screen of the novel of the same name by the English writer Charlotte Brontë was first shown in 1973, and in 1983 repeated the success of the previous one.Moreover, the creators in the 11 series almost literally retold the story of the book, so the new project was no less successful. Then, of course, several other directors told about the love of the orphan girl Jane and the rich man Mr. Rochester. The last film was released in 2011.

1982: “Family Ties”

This series won three Emmy Awards and with humor and lightness touches on issues important in America in those years, based on the transition from the liberalism of the 60s and 70s to the conservative society of the 80s. The tape also focuses on family values ​​and relationships.

1981: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

In 1981, Soviet children and their parents reviewed the three-part film by Stanislav Govorukhin several times, based on Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. And then very young Vladislav Galkin, Fyodor Stukov and Maria Mironova were shot in it.

1980: “Private Detective Magnum”

Photo: shot from the TV series "Private Detective Magnum"

In the early 80s, the female half of the population fell in love with the private detective Thomas Sullivan Magnum, played by Tom Selleck. However, it was almost impossible not to fall in love with the main character.He lived in a posh estate in Hawaii, traveled on an expensive red car, wore a Rolex wrist watch and sunglasses, and also helped people and saved lives. Dream man!

1979: "The rich cry too"

The name of this Mexican TV series, based on the novel of the same name by Ines Rodin, is still often used in conversation. Especially if someone begins to envy the luxurious life of wealthy people. But in any case, it was impossible for the spectators to envy the main heroine of “The Rich also cry”: Marianna in her life, it seems, faced all the troubles that it was possible to come up with ... And, as you might guess, her father’s wealth did not help her to become happy. Fortunately, it all ends well. The strength of spirit and sincerity of Marianne conquered the cruel world.

1978: Dallas

Photo: shot from the series "Dallas"

Another series on the fact that the huge state and luxurious mansions are unlikely to make someone happy. At least in the family of the oil magnate, his wife and their two sons, difficulties constantly arise: from betrayals and bank frauds to illness and murder. In general, the plot is not easy, but, looking at one series, you will want to know what happened next.

1977: "Going to the hell out"

This is not Mexico, but the USSR! And the director Vasily Ordynsky filmed a series of 13 episodes based on the novel of the same name by Alexei Tolstoy. So this picture of the fate of the two sisters of the Bulawins and their lovers in the years before the First World War is a classic that everyone should see.

1976: "Slave Izaura"

Photo: shot from the TV series "Slave Izaura"

The Brazilian TV series based on the novel of the same name by Bernard Guimaraes affects not only the path to happiness for the slave Isuara, but also such a serious problem as slavery and the lives of the lower strata of the population. And at that time this story was very progressive. So it is not surprising that the project has become so popular!

1975: “The glitter and misery of the courtesans”

In the 75th, they all revised the 9-episode French film, based on the novel of the same name by Honore de Balzac. The picture is incredibly accurately described the manners and life of Paris in the first half of the XIX century.

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