What to do if a bat has flown into the house?

Many are afraid of bats and are considered to be the devil's messengers. And what if such an animal flew into a house or apartment? To avoid trouble, you need to act correctly and consistently.

What not to do?

Since meeting a bat is a rare and unexpected event, many make a lot of mistakes. And to avoid them, it is important to find out which actions will be wrong.

So what not to do?

  1. Catch a bat with bare hands and even touch it with unprotected skin. The fact is that these animals are carriers of many infections, including dangerous ones. And if the microbes from the body of the animal get on the skin, and then into your body, then the risks of developing unpleasant diseases will increase significantly.
  2. To panic and try to drive away the mouse. If you perform chaotic actions and sudden movements, the animal may become frightened and also show aggression. A mouse bite is a direct threat to health and life, so you should be careful and remain calm.
  3. "Etching" on the mouse of pets.First, a cat or dog can get very frightened when confronted with an incomprehensible and unusual beast. Secondly, an aggressive and large mouse can pounce on a pet and bite him, and this threatens to develop incurable rabies. And, thirdly, even if the pet cat reaches courage and attacks the bat, it will lead to the wound of the latter, and in its blood, as you remember, extremely dangerous viruses or bacteria can be contained.

How to catch?

What to do if a bat flew into a house or apartment? First of all, calm down and prepare everything you need to catch such an uninvited guest. You will need tight, impermeable gloves (preferably long and reaching to the elbows), a box or other similar packaging, thick cardboard or a piece of plywood, thick fabric, and possibly a ladder.

How to catch a bat quickly and without loss? First calm down and make sure that the animal is also calm. All pets should be removed from the premises, as they may behave unpredictably and prevent capture. Then take the box and carefully and quietly approach the mouse. Carefully, but quickly cover it with a container.Then slightly lift one edge of the box and start placing thick cardboard or plywood under it. When he closes all the space under the container, carefully take it. Hold the structure tight, because the animal inside may begin to try to break free.

Further actions will be aimed at releasing the mouse, this will be the most humane solution. When she calms down enough, you can let her go. You can do this by going out onto the street or on the balcony. Simply place the box on any surface, move it slightly to “shake up” the animal. It is better to do all this in the evening or at night, since bats are well oriented in the dark, so they practically do not fly during the day.

Tip: a bat can be frightened by your sudden and careless movements, take off and accidentally crash into you. In order to prevent contact with her and bites, it is better to wear some thick clothing that protects the entire body. Face can be masked or wide glasses.

For your information: if a bat accidentally entered your home during the cold season, it probably just wanted to warm up. Releasing it on the street, you will doom the animal to death.In this case, it is better to turn to professionals involved in catching wild animals.

Folk beliefs

Many popular beliefs are associated with bats, including those concerning the visit of this beast to the house. And among them there are both optimistic and extremely pessimistic. Here are some signs:

  • It is believed that such an animal belongs to the dark forces, so his visit to the house does not promise anything good for residents. According to this belief, they are waiting for bad events and misfortunes, such as illness, significant losses or losses. And if you try to kill the animal, you can only exacerbate your already not the best position.
  • If the bat not just flew into the house, but also tried to attack someone from the tenants or even accidentally stumbled upon it, then it means that the person is waiting for a serious illness or health problem. And some believe that contact with such an animal may lead to death or a serious threat.
  • If the animal flew into the room during a holiday, then trouble is waiting for the hero of the occasion. Especially unlucky for the newlyweds: they may face frequent quarrels, disagreements and misfortunes.
  • This sign is more optimistic.So, in China, the bat is considered a symbol of wealth, so her visit may mean that soon you will receive a profit or significantly improve your material condition. Probably you are waiting for a prize, a highly paid position or inheritance.
  • In some countries it is believed that such animals are very sensitive and choose places with positive energy. Therefore, if the mouse chose your house, then consider it a good sign, because there is certainly a favorable atmosphere in the housing, and all the tenants feel comfortable.
  • To see the animal in their possessions - to good luck. So do not be alarmed, and wait for the good news. And do not forget to release the bat.

If a bat visits your home, you can catch it and avoid trouble. And remember that the visit of such an animal will not do anything wrong, if you treat it correctly.

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