What time to pierce the ears?

Arina Alikina
Arina Alikina
January 10, 2013
What time to pierce the ears?

Earrings - one of the most favorite jewelry and a great source of income of prominent jewelers. Film studios and the first ladies of the world do not give up this traditional jewelry, and even millions, even billions, ordinary women love earrings. Each came to them in different ways. Some wear them from infancy, and someone decides to pierce their ears in adulthood. And how much can you pierce the ears of a child?

Most often, the question of how much to pierce the ears is decided by the parents. It is believed that piercing the ears as early as possible is good, because in childhood punctures heal faster, and memories of the painful procedure are soon erased from memory. You can pierce the ears from the age of eight to nine months, if there are no contraindications. Doctors recommend not to do this before. This is a good thing, but do not forget about the features of child development. Up to three years, the child is actively exploring the world. At this time, he just needs to touch, touch and taste everything, so there is a high probabilitythat the baby unknowingly remove the earring, swallow it or get hurt (tears the earlobe). Therefore, it is recommended to pierce the ears after all three years.

After three years, the child is already well aware of his I, so you can pierce your ears at will. Most likely, the memories will remain, but the child will still be involved in the decision whether to pierce his ears or not, which, you see, is also an important factor. Leaving this decision until adolescence, you can fully rely on the choice of your child.

Many mothers pierce their ears on their own. However, you should take care of the safety of your child. The specialist will do everything faster and better, in addition, he will give you expert advice. At home, you are unlikely to be able to achieve complete purity of the needle and earrings, without experience, you can cause undue pain to your daughter.

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