What is eaten in Russia?

We are what we eat. These words perfectly reflect the essence of the characters and way of life of each nation. But what they eat in Russia? What are our traditions in nutrition?

Our country, like others, is rich in its traditions, including in cooking. For centuries, our culinary habits and addictions have evolved from what we ourselves could grow in our harsh climatic conditions or catch in forests and rivers.

Modern Russians, of course, borrowed a lot of dishes from the cuisines of various nations of the world, but still traditional Russian dishes and products prevail on our tables. So what do they eat in Russia?


In the menu of Russians, traditionally there are a huge number of soups: borscht, cabbage soup, various hodgepodge and okroshka, lagman, shurpa, mushroom soups, okroshka, botvini and so on. More than half of the population does not imagine itself a day without soup, so in Russia soups are eaten a lot and often. But our Russian soups are very different from those traditionally cooked in other countries. We practically do not eat light soups, mashed, so loved by Europeans and Americans, or mysterious miso soups from Japanese tofu.Our soups are prepared on the basis of strong meat or fish broths, they are rich, they have a lot of meat, a large number of various passeurirovannyh vegetables, a lot of spices are added, estimates, mayonnaise and so on. We also cook soups on the basis of kvass, kefir and vegetable decoctions: okroshka and botvini. Our soup is considered the first dish, at lunch after the soup the second one is also served. So our meals are sometimes extremely high in calories.


As a result of the growth in Russia of a large number of cereals on our tables a lot of cereals. Porridge is prepared both in water and in milk, with the addition of salt and sugar, butter, and sometimes fruit, nuts and honey. Porridge is eaten for breakfast and as a side dish for meat and fish dishes.

Meat and sausages

What is eaten in Russia as often as meat and sausages? Pork, beef, lamb, chicken, as well as various sausages, sausages, wieners - the favorite food of Russians. Many believe that if there is no meat in the house, then there is nothing. A large number of sausages eaten, of course, does not lead to the improvement of the population, however, no matter what, sausages are used regularly and their popularity is not decreasing, especially among men.

A fish

Such a useful fish recently losing ground.Whether this is due to the low quality of the fish sold and a decrease in the catch of the local is unknown, but the fact remains. It is possible that the fish has become too expensive.


Dairy products

Milk and dairy products have recently become increasingly popular among adults. We eat cottage cheese, fashionable most recently yogurts, drink kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka, various bifidus-containing drinks, and milk itself. In families with children, a significant amount is spent on the purchase of dairy products.

Bread and flour products

Bread is our head, so bread has a special place. Various dishes from bread and flour such as pancakes, pies, cheesecakes, meatballs, etc. occupy an important place in the diet of Russians, despite the well-known "unprofitability" of these products.

Vegetables and fruits

What is eaten in Russia from vegetables? Basically, these are products grown in our gardens: potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and eggplants. Russians have never liked such healthy broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, beans and spinach. These vegetables, in spite of their usefulness, occupy an extremely insignificant place in our diet.

As for fruits, fruits eat significantly less than vegetables, except for seasonal ones, which grow in our area. Every year, the rising price of imported fruit is gradually pushing them out of our diet.


Sweet love in Russia. Candy, chocolate, pastries, jams, jams, marmalade - all this and much more is served daily for tea. Sweets are eaten by both children and adults, regardless of the time of day. Traditionally sweets are given for holidays, as a thank you for something, such as doctors or teachers.

They eat a lot in Russia, like high-calorie, fatty and sweet foods. Borrowing products and dishes from other cuisines, we remake them in our own way, bringing our traditional features and characteristics into them. Do not forget, by the way, that Russia is a multinational country, therefore, what they eat in Russia also depends on which country people live in.

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