What year is which wedding?

A wedding is a fairy tale, a day for fulfilling desires and connecting hearts, the triumph of love and one of the main events in the life of every person. This is the first celebration of a new-born family, which I want to bring warm memories of throughout my life, reinforcing them with new joyful events. One of these moments are the traditional celebrations of wedding anniversaries, of which a happy family has, in the end, a great many.

The European tradition to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was customary to celebrate the marriage in a narrow family circle, invite other relatives in a few weeks, and meet friends and new acquaintances a year later or more after the celebration.

As the holiday spread in different countries and regions, special customs, rituals, traditions, folklore began to appear, their own celebration habits, especially revered dates and separate names for them developed. Some names of anniversaries common in the CIS and accompanying traditions appeared in the 19th century, others appeared later and continue to change until now.Moreover, not all married couples know which wedding is in which year - because the number of anniversaries is very large, and many of them have several names. Let's try to deal with this diversity, to analyze which weddings are celebrated by year, what names they are known for and what traditions they adhere to in their celebration.

The first is a green wedding - in fact, the wedding day itself, the symbols of which are the myrtle leaves of the wedding crown. This is one of the few cases when the name of the date does not resonate with the expected gifts (except, perhaps, always desirable holiday colors) - the young family is given everything at once, in accordance with the possibilities of the guests and the wishes of the spouses, who in recent years have been previously expressed compiled lists.

A popular question for a young family - a year of living together what kind of wedding? The answer is calico (in the European tradition - paper) wedding. The symbolism of this date is twofold: some sources say that the name of the jubilee indicates fragility, lack of reliability of the young marriage, while others associate it with the activity of the newlyweds in bed.On this day, it is customary to give watches - a symbol of accuracy, consistency and stability, as well as calico scarves and other fabric items. Witnesses, close friends and parents of spouses are invited to the celebration.

Paper (cotton) wedding is celebrated in the second year of family life. This day it is accepted to give useful and pleasant paper products - books, albums, tickets to interesting events.

The 3rd anniversary - leather (wheat in Germany and France) - is usually presented with leather, crystal and glass products.

Linen (wax, flower, silk) wedding is celebrated for the 4th year, suggesting as gifts fruits, flowers, and lately more and more household appliances.

The first anniversary of living together, the 5th wooden anniversary. On this memorable date, it is customary to give wooden and silver products - jewelry boxes, frames, jewelry.

The 6th anniversary - iron (iron) anniversary - requires sweets as a gift, and the 7th - copper (brass) - promises spouses copper souvenirs and writing instruments.

On the 8th - tin (clay) - an anniversary is given home utensils, pottery and knick-knacks, and on a faience (verbal) 9th anniversary - porcelain tableware.

A significant milestone on the family path is the tenth anniversary, a pink (tin) wedding, on the day of which relatives give the tin products to the spouses, and the husband must present a bouquet of roses to his wife.

The 11th steel (amber in France) wedding involves the exchange of jewelery, the 12th nickel (silk) wedding is made of silk, pearls and colored precious stones.

The 13th lacy (lily of the valley) anniversary is given to textiles and furs, the 14th agate (bone) wedding is given gold jewelry, and the 15th glass (crystal) wrist watches and glass souvenirs that symbolize purity and durability marital relationship.

The 16th sapphire, the 17th pink (amethyst), the 18th turquoise and the 19th garnet are marked by the exchange of gifts from the corresponding stones.

On the 20th porcelain anniversary, it is customary to give painted porcelain sets, symbolizing a successful future life, which will go "as written."

On the 21st opal (brass), 22nd copper (bronze), 23rd beryllium and 24th satin give metal products and musical instruments ..

The 25th silver wedding in many countries is celebrated magnificently and widely, representing an important date and a serious stage in the life of spouses.Often, a solemn remarriage ceremony is held on this day, giving the spouses the opportunity to relive the feelings that they experienced at the beginning of the relationship. Guests usually give silverware.

The 30th Pearl Wedding is often celebrated in the company of children and grandchildren, who give pearl products to parents. In addition, tradition dictates the spouse to give his beloved 30 pearls as a sign of eternal devotion and love.

The 40th anniversary is considered ruby, which symbolizes the intimacy between spouses, which over the years has become almost blood. The 45th wedding is sapphire, and an extremely important 50th anniversary is called the golden wedding, and it should be celebrated royally, surrounded by relatives and close friends. On this anniversary, the grandchildren present the anniversary with new wedding rings, and take the old ones to themselves - as a symbol of long family happiness.

An emerald wedding is celebrated at the 55th year of life together, and a diamond (diamond) at the 60th.

65 years of marriage are celebrated with an iron (sapphire) wedding, 70 with platinum, 75 with another diamond (crown).

The answer to the question “What a wedding is 80 years old” will surprise you - we turn from jewelry in the names to simpler materials, because this anniversary is considered oak.The 90th granite wedding, both of them symbolize the durability and the inviolability of the union, is a match for it.

Rare couples celebrate their 100th anniversary - a platinum (red) wedding, and it is their union that can rightly be called eternal.

Celebrating wedding anniversaries is a great tradition that helps strengthen the marriage bond, refreshes the senses and just gives a holiday. Each couple should remember what year the wedding is celebrated in order to bring this nice custom into their lives, re-experiencing the emotions and feelings of youth each year, giving thanks for marital happiness, rejoicing at pleasant moments experienced and proud of achievements. Knowing how many years of marriage the wedding is celebrated, you can arrange a new wedding ceremony for your parents and grandparents - believe me, there is nothing more pleasant for them than the care of children and grandchildren who are ready to rejoice with them, continuing family traditions.

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