What you never have to make excuses

Everything would be fine, but when you constantly justify yourself, you gradually come to the fact that you begin to doubt your own values, lose confidence in your actions. Ultimately, you are stuck in this state, do not develop and, as a result, do not achieve your goals, because you live with a constant feeling of guilt, although, in fact, you are not guilty of anything. Why do you definitely do not need to make excuses? Let's figure it out.

Your appearance

You are what you are: thin or full, blonde or brunette, with a flat chest or, on the contrary, an impressive fifth size. You must understand that you may not like someone, someone may condemn you for how you look, but your appearance is only your business, and you should not make excuses. How many times have I met girls who have justified their fullness with recent births or heredity, instead of just saying: "This is not your body and not your concern."

What you never have to make excuses

Your decisions

You wanted to get a second degree,to have plastic surgery, move to another country, get married or get a divorce? Act if you think it will be better for you! People condemn other people's decisions either because they are not profitable or out of envy that they cannot do the same. For example, a friend may discourage you from quitting a hateful job, because she herself does not decide on such an act and wants you to suffer just like her.

Your unwillingness to communicate

Anyone needs a personal space that no one invades. Periodic desire to see no one and not to hear is absolutely normal. Extroverts that require constant communication are the exception rather than the rule. Therefore, you should not feel guilty if you do not want to go to visit, meet with a friend or classmates. And you are not obliged to make excuses for this unwillingness and to drag yourself somewhere through force, just not to offend your friends.

Your negative answer

Few people know how to refuse, and very well, if you already know how to say no to people. Of course, not everyone likes this reaction, some are beginning to demand an explanation of why you refuse, try to shame.Remember that you are not obliged to make excuses for your refusal; you are entitled to say "no" without any explanations and good reasons.

Your tastes

It is up to you to decide whether to eat meat, drink alcohol, wear jeans or dresses, gold or costume jewelry, or one with the other. As you know, tastes do not argue at all, so you are not obliged to explain your preferences in food or clothing to other people. And to avoid conflicts, just do not discuss such things with people who have different tastes. You will find your like-minded people sooner or later.

What you never have to make excuses

Your marital status

When a woman has a husband and children, they do not particularly bother her with questions about the family, but if a woman is lonely, divorced, or has no children for any reason, there will definitely be curious people who should certainly ask everyone about everything and give a couple of uninvited tips. Tactless questions can not be answered at all, and there is no need to make excuses to the curious.

Your expenses

Putting your nose in someone else's wallet is a favorite pastime for many people, and some even manage to cause feelings of guilt and shame for expensive purchases. Remember that most often behind such reproaches is banal envy.You are not obliged to report to other people for how they spent the money, which they themselves have earned.

Your political and religious views

I have repeatedly witnessed situations in which adult educated people suddenly begin to hoarsely defend their beliefs and demand explanations from those who disagree with them. I am opposed to behaving in the same way, but it is also impossible to renounce my convictions. In such cases, it is better to declare your disagreement, but not to be carried out on provocations and manipulations and not enter into a squabble, but go to the company where they discuss the weather and movies.

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