Where are experienced people with OCD? (not doctors)

Hello! I want to ask a question: there are a lot of people with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), where you can find among them experienced, that is, those who have OCD and who can cope with it? I want to find them to create a unique knowledge base to help people with OCD and their loved ones. If there are such, then tell other people how to deal with OCD on the forum - OCD (okra) - people who have obsessive, disturbing or frightening thoughts (obsessions). Some of them are trying to get rid of thoughts caused by anxiety with obsessive and tedious actions (compulsions). The first mention of OCD is found in the 17th century, when an obsessive fear of death was described in the book Anatomy of Melancholia (R. Barton). Now, many people still have questions about getting rid of obsessions or coexisting with them. This site was created to answer many questions about OCD. In addition, it is a knowledge base that will be useful not only to people with OCD, but also to their loved ones. All bright thoughts!

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