Where can you retire?

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Where can you retire?

For many young people, the question of where to retire (for what exactly - you can ask in the Sex section) remains a very topical issue. Units own their own apartments, not much more young people own their cars, and it�s not often that relatives and friends ask to feed the cat / water the flowers while they are away. And you want it regularly!

New buildings

We will not consider entrances and roadside bushes - not every girl will agree to the risk of outside observation. One of the most popular places to retire is unfinished construction sites. However, the choice should be approached competently: in half-finished houses, and even more long-term construction bums often live. And this neighborhood is not only �fragrant� and �hygienic�, but can also be dangerous. Attention should be paid to the finished house, from which such "lodgers" are guaranteed evicted. The one that is especially attractive is that the guards are people too, you can agree.


An even better place where you can retire with a girl is the roof of your own house, especially if it is higher than others, the exit is locked and there are extensions such as elevator ones. Duplicate key to do - and not at all a problem.


No car - does not mean that there is no garage. In the end, this room may be among friends. In our area, garages often resemble mini-flats with sunbeds and washstands - almost a hotel. What you need to stock up on using all the options mentioned is a sleeping bag.


In summer, there is a large selection of wild beaches and lawns far from footpaths, where you can retire even for the night. I took a tent, a guitar, something for romance - and go ahead, �fooling� my girlfriend!

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