What are the best blinds?

Any apartment, house, office requires modern decoration, design. Windows is one of the highlights of this design. What to hang on the windows? Which blinds to choose? Or better curtains?

What are the blinds

Blinds are a modern type of curtains made of parallel, rotating or fixed plates (slats). Blinds are installed on the windows not only to protect from the sun's rays, but also from prying eyes. More and more, they are gaining popularity, crowding out classic curtains.

Blinds reduce the noise level, regulate the heating of the room, provide insulation.

In the manufacture of blinds used various materials: plastic, fabric, metal, wood. Which blinds are better, from what material, what kind?

  • Fabric blinds are made of polyester, practically do not fade, easy to clean. For home interior used blinds of all kinds of colors.
  • Plastic blinds do not bend, do not crumple. The more qualitative these blinds, the more resistant to temperature extremes, without turning yellow from the sun's rays.
  • Wooden blinds are environmentally friendly, durable.It is best to use them in residential premises, to which they give comfort, peace of mind.
  • Metal blinds are made of aluminum or an alloy of aluminum and magnesium and are covered with resistant paint, are not afraid of the sun's rays, do not absorb odor, grease. Such blinds are used not only in offices, but also at home: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the loggia.
  • Multifurture blinds can be said to �haute couture�, with the development of design on the computer. These are blinds with simultaneous use of different materials, different styles.

What are the blinds in modern apartments, offices? These can be: roller blinds, vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, Pleated blinds, photo blinds, multi-textured (patterned) blinds.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are formed by a solid sheet of matter, completely closing the window. The fabric is wound onto the shaft using a control mechanism. Roller blinds do not require the installation of a cornice.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds can be used for openings that have non-standard dimensions. These blinds are equipped with a convenient control mechanism, which makes it possible to provide the desired luminous flux.The modern look of vertical blinds - "Breeze", in which there is no weighting and bonding. Such blinds are used in glamorous shops of expensive clothes, in nightclubs.

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds were the first to manufacture these curtains. With their help, you can set the desired luminous flux, or limit it altogether. Horizontal blinds are: wooden, aluminum, bamboo, plastic.

Blinds Pleated

Blinds Pleated combine horizontal blinds and fabric, impregnated with a special composition of dust, dirt, well preserving the shape of the folds. These blinds can be installed not only on standard, but also on arched, round, slanted, ceiling windows.

Photo blinds

Photoblinds are prepared by thermal printing, drawing is first applied to a special paper, and then transferred to the fabric. This �picture� (logo, inscription, photo) does not fade in the sun, and the blinds themselves perform their functions.

Multi-veneered blinds

Multifurture blinds are often called patterned. These are vertical blinds, made in several layers of fabric for volume or plastic and inserted into a special substrate, using special inserts for gold or silver.

Probably, the question of which is better: curtains or blinds, cannot be answered unambiguously. Everyone must decide for himself what he likes best.

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