Which breast pump to choose: the pros and cons of electric and manual models

�Before deciding which breast pump to choose, you need to compare the pros and cons of different models. There are manual and electronic devices. They work on the same principle, but still have some differences.

Which breast pump is better: manual or electric

A breast pump comes to the rescue if a woman has too much milk and needs to pump it out so that no congestive processes are formed in the breast. Also, pumping is a great way out when mothers need to leave home.

which breast pump is better
It is better to choose the breast pump that injures your breast less.
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Manual breast pump consists of a bottle on which the nozzle is put on. The nozzle, on the one hand, is a funnel into which the breast is embedded, on the other hand a handle is attached to it. By pressing on the handle in the funnel, a vacuum is created, and the milk is sucked out of the breast, falling into the bottle.

After that, you can put on her nipple and feed the baby or freeze the milk for long-term storage.

The simplest design consists of a plastic funnel for the chest, a rubber pump and a bottle. Which manual breast pump is the best of all the models on the market? The one that has a silicone pad on the inside of the funnel. Due to it, the funnel fits better to the chest, there is a softer effect on the nipple.

Handheld machines have their drawbacks - decanting is slow, as the hand gets tired to actively push the handle for a long time.

An electric breast pump eliminates the need to press a pen or pump, creating a vacuum effect. To make it work, you need to connect it to the network and click on the button.

When deciding which electric breast pump is better, you should consider how actively the woman is going to use it. If it is needed occasionally, a simpler model will do.

For active use, they produce electrical apparatuses with several modes of milk suction speed, with built-in memory, which will take into account the last used mode. On sale there are models that can suck milk at once from both breasts.

The disadvantages of electric breast pumps include a high price, noise at work, the inability to completely sterilize them because of the electric unit.

Breast milk should be handled with care to prevent cracks in the nipples. All parts of the breast pump must be thoroughly rinsed and sterilized after each use.

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