Which facing brick is better for building a cottage

facing brick

You will never go anywhere until you return home (Terry Pratchett).

Indeed, no matter how fascinating the travels are, we are drawn from any corner of the world to our home: so cozy and loved. Anyone who has the good fortune to build their own home puts their whole soul into it.

facing brick

This mansion is a dream come true. Some paint in their imagination a house "a la Provence", others prefer modern minimalism. How the cottage will look like is 100% dependent on the facing material. To obtain the desired image and at the same time protect the walls from cold weather and weather can facing bricks.

There are experts in Ukraine who know firsthand about the front brick. These are specialists from VIP-Klinker, a Kiev-based company that has been importing luxury facing materials for 15 years.We were told about which facing is better for finishing the cottage, and also called the top three manufacturers.

European craftsmanship in every brick: why “foreign” facing brick is the best

There are several types of facing bricks: ceramic, hyperpressed, glazed. All of them have excellent aesthetic characteristics. But builders know one unique material that leaves far behind all "competitors". This is clinker - it looks very impressive in a laying, and has a set of valuable technological qualities.

Clinker Benefits:

Brick facing brick is not afraid of frost and rain, over the years does not lose strength. For ceramics and glazed products there are terrible scratches and bumps that can spoil the “face” of the facade. The clinker is protected from mechanical impact, it can not be scratched. The secret is in a special production technology that has been unchanged for two centuries.

These clinkers are made in Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands. In the process of making brick is fired in special furnaces at a temperature of about 1200-16000C.Some European factories were built over a hundred years ago, and furnaces and drying chambers work as before. All the subtleties of production are passed on by the masters from generation to generation. The result is exclusive clinkers that are highly valued worldwide.

Designers love this veneer for fitting it into any style. Samples of handmade work deserve special attention. In appearance, they resemble an old brick, which one wants to touch. The rough texture, asymmetric lines look great in the decoration of the facades, and in the interior. By the way, hand-molded veneer - differ in size, this feature gives the masonry a truly exclusive look.

Another "highlight" of imported clinkers is color heterogeneity. Bricks, even in the same party can be a different shade. Therefore, before laying them necessarily mixed. The result is an original clinker pattern.

Want to make a facade that will decorate the house for ages - choose a lining of European production. Then we will tell you which brands enjoy the greatest prestige in the global market.

Which facing brick is better: TOP-3 leading brands of facing bricks

In the company VIP-Klinker are sure: the best facing brick is made where it appeared - in Europe.

We present to you the TOP-3 leading manufacturers of facing clinker bricks:

  1. CRH.
  2. Kerawil.
  3. Roben.
  4. Feldhaus Clinker.
  5. Vandersanden.

CRH Concern - No. 1 in the world

The Irish company CRH with its example proves that it is possible to produce elite clinker bricks and rapidly expand the boundaries of activity. Now open 35 representative offices around the world. Five main plants are located in Germany, seven - in the Netherlands, in the homeland of clinker. But the company is only 45 years old - quite "young" age among clinker "masters". The stable demand for this facing brick is easy to explain: the entire CRH clinker of the highest class. Its distinguishing features:

  • durability and wear resistance;
  • resistance to frost and moisture
  • a wide range of models, colors and textures;
  • ideal "geometry"
  • durability.

Janinhoff - production on the guard of tradition

The factory for the production of finishing bricks was founded in the German Munster-Hilstrup in the far 1907.Unbelievably, but nowadays brick is fired in an old ring kiln, getting clinker of special strength and high quality. A few days of preparation is carried out in the oven, after which each product gets a unique color.

There is another type of roasting at the enterprise: a tunnel kiln, in which the process is already fully automated. The Janinhoff product range includes several hundred models of clinker bricks and tiles. An interesting point: the factory designers work on individual orders. For you can make clinker, which will be the only one in the world.


German manufacturer, which produces all kinds of facing materials: brick, tile, pavers, tiles, individual decorative elements. The first factory opened in the XIX century, since then the production has been constantly modernized and expanded. A wide selection of finishing products allows you to decorate the cottage in the chosen style.

Here's a brief tour of European clinker plants we made.

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