Why do dogs stick together?

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Why do dogs stick together?

If you have met dogs that are indissolubly standing up to each other (excuse me) as priests, know that you have observed the so-called sticking process. This is the normal state of animals in the process of mating, due to the peculiarities of their body. Before we figure out why dogs stick together, let's look at the key concepts associated with this process.

Sticking: what does it mean

Sticking, otherwise gluing or locking is a phenomenon that accompanies the process of mating (mating) of dogs, which serves as a kind of natural insurance in that fertilization must occur.

Why dogs stick together? This is caused by a spasm as a result of contraction of the muscles around the vagina.

Sticking function

Nature does nothing for nothing. As we have said, the phenomenon of the castle is insurance. The fact is that the fertilization of a dog occurs already in the first 5 minutes. Adhesion ensures that this happens for sure. Although there are many cases when puppies were born without this phenomenon.

Bonding usually lasts 10 to 15 seconds, but there are cases of longer sticking together. After that, the dogs are rather apathetic, feel tired, lose interest in each other. Now it is better not to disturb them.

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