Why do Russian women believe: if a man beats, then the woman is to blame?

Based on these comments, we decided to make a disappointing selection of postulates on the topic of the relationship between a man and a woman who, despite all the efforts of feminism and common sense, alas, still exist - and oh, how they exist! - in our country.

“Women are always to blame for violence by men”

Because a man is an aggressive creature, like a lion in a cage, he cannot be irritated once more, and irritating only piercing-cutting objects will surely guess only a completely hysterical fool. It’s like you’ve come out of the subway in a mini-skirt and call your eyes to the guys at the bus stop, excite them with your indecent look and motivate you to do something bad. Be a man: put on either a long coat and a hood, or take a taxi and do not enrage men once again, because when it comes to their penis, they are not able to think soberly at all.

Why do Russian women believe: if a man beats, then the woman is to blame?

"Women provoke men to aggression, and therefore they deserve it"

Women have some kind of diabolical gift to annoy, dement, and the most disgusting thing is that they do it at the very moment when the man himself decided to release his inner devil, destroy the excess dishes, and also spoil the bored furniture. He went all the way out of the comfort zone, hormones play, alcohol in the stomach rages, and then some woman screams at her side: “Calm down!” I have to “reassure” her so as not to interfere with being a “real man.”

"He fell in love, and her feelings passed. Pity him, and her - on the fire

A very young sexy woman agrees with a man of a very young age, popular, rich, but still inexorably aging. My first thought: Okrutila, powdered brains, bewitched, devil! The next step: the same woman, still sexy and young, filed for divorce, because everything is fed up. My first thought: here is an insidious bitch, first charmed, and then ran away! Burn her! Burn it!

"If a man looks bad, then the woman is to blame, and the point"

Frazochki in the spirit of “Here with Vanessa he glowed, and with Amber looks tortured and extinct” awaken in his mind poetic canons about the magical influence of women on men: they say, the first are born to inspire and cherish the second.And if the "flower" fades - from age, disgusting lifestyle, bad habits, then it is the woman who is responsible for not throwing everything at the right moment and not starting to nurse the "plant."

Why do Russian women believe: if a man beats, then the woman is to blame?

“If he didn’t beat his first wife, then the second one was too much in trouble.”

In defense of Depp, Vanessa Paradie took the floor to speak out: they said that Johnny-darling never raised her hand to her, and they lived together longer and even had children. So, Amber all the same was provoked. Why not bring their school friends to the maniacs, with whom they sat at the same desk and did not even try to kill them?

"Drunkenness and violence are generally part of a shared life"

Or did you think you went with him to the end, to watch romantic melodramas hugging and singing songs about love in karaoke for the rest of your life? Well, the muzhik of a working rhythm could not stand it and he was drunk, with whom it doesn’t happen in your stairwell (most likely, you can count on your fingers) And when I got drunk, I became violent, because you will not move the bottle to the wrong place, you will not wash the glasses, or you will ruin the whole toast with your grumbling. Have married - endure. Have married, "having stolen" the man from a family, - so suffer silently.

"Constantly blaming a beautiful woman for adultery is normal"

It’s necessary to be so beautiful that all the men around her want it, but her husband is logically annoying. And, as Hurd proved, Johnny was so annoyed that he was jealous of her film colleagues and made scenes of jealousy so that even his finger almost cut off. This is what a woman’s beauty brings up to decent people, and you say that your neighbor’s car is too new and expensive and prevents you from sleeping at night ?! Well, throw a glass into it, because, as in the song, "you can't be beautiful like that."

Why do Russian women believe: if a man beats, then the woman is to blame?

“After a divorce, it’s impossible to recover quickly if you are a woman, otherwise all the accusations and sufferings were lies”

The Western press is speculating on the fact that Amber Heard has already found a new man for himself and he is horror-horror! - not a plumber, not a gardener, or even an actor, but an entrepreneur and a billionaire. The Russian-language commentators immediately concluded that it means that everything with Depp was a well-rehearsed drama, well, because in our man’s brain a woman cannot so quickly forget insults and turn the page - even an objectively beautiful woman who has a dimeter a dozen.She should weep into a pillow, download TV shows at night, arrange briefings with her friends on the topic “All the goats, what should we do now?”, And for the first few days not even leave the house at all.

We, Russian girls, are accustomed to enduring unpromising and suffering relationships, because the marriage itself for us — like a tattoo to beat — is always painful and unpleasant. We are afraid to be alone, even if we are sure that this will not last long, and then we are afraid that we will upset our partner, because we are too beautiful, too impatient, or we want too much a quiet life to prevent his violent antics and disgusting behavior. It seems that the time has come to stop writing off the male disgusting behavior on hormones and thought about “penis”, learn to understand in time that the person is not “yours” and run. And better to a billionaire, and the billionaire, the better.

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