Why dream of smoking

Smoking in a dream is a prototype of idleness, a relaxed state. If smoking happened to a man, this action can be interpreted as the absence of problems at work, a predisposition to prudence. In psychology, smoking acts as a prototype of oral eroticism, it can also indicate Over-Self, especially if you happened to use a cigar. Why dream of smoking?

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What dreams of smoking in a dream?
What dreams of smoking in a dream?

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you are worried, because you do not know why smoking in a dream, you can breathe out calmly. This action predicts the onset of calm, recovery from the disease, or means a tendency to dreaminess. Such positive predictions are valid only if the subject smoked was dreaming.

The sensation of wanting to smoke indicates melancholy or even the early onset of the blues. When you see a smoking person in a dream, get ready for a quick entry into a respectable society, where courage and perseverance will be required of you. Let out a beautiful smoky cloud or even circles - soon you will be able to get a good financial reward for your own imagination.

Negative meaning

If you decide to find out what dreams of smoking in a dream, remember the dream, without losing a single detail. Small details in a dream determine its good or bad value.

Smoking a pipe symbolizes a dangerous hobby. Take a closer look carefully. When it is brought only to hold a cigarette in a mouth, this symbol foreshadows the sweating of teeth. If you buy cigarettes, be prepared for a soon-to-be-changing impression of a person you know well. Burn your lips with a cigarette - beware of betrayal. The people in the relationship should take a closer look at their partner.

The possibility of dangerous situations

It was possible to see cigarettes - you should not easily agree to new offers or join unfamiliar companies, as there is a risk to make a mistake with the choice of friends or business partners. If you lend someone a cigarette, a situation will soon come in which you will have to fool the interlocutor. If you get a cigarette, chances are they will deceive you.

Smoking in a dream usually does not foreshadow sharply unpleasant events, however, if you have seen such a dream, you should pay attention to your daily life.It is possible that you will be able to find a way to enrichment, climb the corporate ladder, and also in time to unravel the envious plans of envious people.

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