Why dream that you comb your hair?

To dream long and beautiful hair - to health, luck and prosperity. Such a dream can mean a long journey, a pleasant journey. Combing hair in a dream - a danger warning or trap set by competitors. Sleep will help prepare for a difficult situation, to avoid tragedy. Also, the dream warns against frivolous acts, do not disclose their plans to rivals. Also be thrifty in finance, do not engage in dubious business.

Dream Miller

In order to find out what dreams of combing your hair, you need to determine - this is long hair, short, clean, dirty, etc. Cut long hair - to a fatal mistake. Your excessive frankness and gullibility will cause a great tragedy. Do not communicate with strangers, hide your plans, do not tell about finances, property, successes. If you do not listen to the recommendations, you will suffer for a long time and rake the damage and problems.Carefully weigh your actions, do not make hasty decisions.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

In a dream, combing your hair in front of a mirror means that you regret that you have missed a lot of interesting moments in life. During combing the hairbrush has broken - soon there will be big troubles. Curly, curly locks dream of losses, financial losses. The more curls and curls, the greater the loss.

Dreams of combing a dead man's hair - wait for a reward. If the dead has thick, beautiful hair - expect a big profit, also sleep means good health. He dreamed that the dead man was combing his hair - to the unexpected news.

Combing her daughter's hair - she has a romantic hobby. Soon she will present you her chosen one and marry. The length of the relationship and family life also depends on the length of the hair. Seeing a daughter with long hair, combing curls - get ready for the wedding celebration.

Dream Vanga

Comb long hair in a dream - to the road, travel. If the hair is dirty - to trouble. Untangling tangled curls with a hairbrush - you are too incredulous.About you can say: burned in milk, blowing on the water. Open before your close and true friends, feel the pleasure of communicating with people dear to you.

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