Why dream that I walk barefoot in a dream

If you saw in a dream that you walk without shoes, open a dream book: walking barefoot means more trouble in your personal life or evil intentions of enemies. It is necessary to warn of possible troubles.

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Barefoot in a dream
What does it mean to see in a dream that you walk barefoot

East Dream

If a young woman sees a dream in which she walks barefoot along the seashore, splashing water, this is a sign that her undertakings will be successful. The imprint of a bare foot on the wet sand is a foreshadowing of a quick triumph. If such a dream is seen by a woman or a girl, she should expect increased attention from men.

Catherine the Great

No matter who was barefoot in a dream: you or another stranger, such a dream means that your dreams will be destroyed. Not one of them will come true. Other interpretation options - your ill-wishers are closely watching your actions, you are very vulnerable to your enemies, deceitful people intrigue you.

Spring dream book

In a negative way, the dream dream book interprets such a dream: I walk barefoot to poverty and impoverishment. If, in addition to this, the feet were in the blood, you will acquire foes for yourself. If the legs were barefoot and in the mud - this is a good sign, money will come to you.

ABC of interpretation

Walking barefoot in a dream due to the loss of shoes is a sign of the dreamer's uncertainty in their abilities. If a person in a dream walked barefoot on the ground, but at the same time he experienced a pleasant sensation - a good omen. Such a person will succeed in the business that he undertook. If a person feels uncomfortable due to the lack of shoes, in the near future he will be in trouble, provoked by his long-forgotten mistakes.


A dream in which you walk barefoot in the dew is a good sign that promises you good health. But if the dew hurts you badly or stings, be careful.

Dream interpretation by Miller

If in a dream you wandered in the dark somewhere without shoes, be prepared for the destruction of your hopes. Every step you take will be accompanied by insurmountable obstacles.


Especially for the fair sex in the women's dream book it is written that running barefoot is a sign that the woman does not hesitate to freely express her feelings.Such trust, relaxedness and freedom strengthen her relationships and make them strong. If a woman saw herself walking along the sunny coast, let her wait for the fulfillment of all her desires.

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