Why is Windows 8 better than 7?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
January 12, 2015
Why is Windows 8 better than 7?

Windows operating system is one of the most popular. It is chosen for ease of installation and use, wide functionality and low price. The Windows manufacturer is constantly improving it. Recently released version 8 of this operating system. Let's talk about how Windows 8 is better than 7.

Metro start screen

The Metro start screen has caused a storm of emotions among users. After all, it has a user-friendly interface and wide functionality. An important advantage is ease of use. You can master this desktop in a few minutes.

The Metro start screen provides quick access to computer settings. The user only needs to move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen, after which the Start, Device, Options, Search, and Sharing buttons will immediately appear on it.

Updated design

The developers have provided a fresh design for Windows 8. In this operating system, there are new sounds, themes and buttons, there were curious "chips" and advanced implementation. All this makes using Windows 8 even more interesting and convenient.

High speed

Windows 8 operating system has a high speed. In addition, users can quickly switch between running applications using the Alt and Tab buttons, as well as through a special manager. It is activated when the mouse cursor is moved to the upper left of the screen.

Enhanced browser

Windows 8 is preinstalled with an improved Internet Explorer browser. Work in it has now become more comfortable, it quickly loads pages and is highly reliable. The design of the Internet Explorer browser in Windows 8 has become brighter, a new logo and additional features have appeared.

Updated Task Manager

In Windows 8, the task manager has also been updated. Working with him is now much easier. Its interface has been improved and made as clear as possible. Also its functionality has been expanded. Now, using the Task Manager, you can not only disable unnecessary processes, but also analyze computer performance, enable autoloading, and perform other actions.

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