Winter Bead Birch

To make a souvenir “Winter Birch” no special skills are needed, even a child of primary school age can cope with this work (of course, with the help of parents). Here is what we will need: white beads (can be transparent or pearly), thin wire about 30 m, white or silver, threads, thick aluminum wire about 25 cm for the trunk, a little dry plaster mixture for making the stand, white acrylic paint and a little patience .
Winter birch from beads
First we make thin twigs. On a thin wire about 25 cm long we string two beads, move it to the middle, fold the ends of the wire and twist it by 2-3 turns.  Winter birch from beads
Next one from the ends of the wire we put on two more beads, the ends are again twisted. Winter birch from beads So we have to string 7-8 pairs of beads, and it will turn out etochka,as if covered with hoarfrost.
 Winter Birch Bead
Thin twigs are collected in bundles of three.
Winter Birch Bead And we form a thick branch out of three beams.
 Winter birch bead
Twisted wires at the base of a branch winding it thread by approximately 1 cm, the wire was not visible. Such twigs need to be made 12-14, the more branches, the higher the birch. We attach them to a thick wire, wrapping around it the ends of wires not wound with threads. As the branches are attached, the trunk is also wrapped with threads, because later, when the entire tree is assembled, it will be harder to do, the branches will get in the way. "alt =" Winter Bead Birch "title =" Winter Bead Birch ">
After the crown is formed, we wrap the lower part of the trunk with threads. If it turns out too thin, you can add two or three more central wires.
 Winter Birch Bead
Now we need to cast a stand.As a form, you can take a small plastic tray from under the food. We dilute the plaster mixture to the consistency of thick sour cream, pour it into the mold, making sure that there are no air bubbles between the walls of the mold and the mixture, and immerse the lower part of the barrel. Typically, this mixture sets in 20-30 minutes.
 Winter Birch Bead
After complete freezing, remove the stand from the mold and proceed to the design of the trunk. We dilute the same plaster mixture more liquidly and apply it with a brush to the trunk and branches over the threads in several layers.
 Winter Birch Bead
When the mixture dries, cover the trunk, branches and stand acrylic paint white. We put black strokes on the barrel. The side surface of the stand can be painted with frosty patterns. Winter birch is ready.
 Winter Birch Bead

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