Wooden hot stand

Wooden stand under the hot- we make a comfortable stand from the wooden rack. Making does not take you much time, and the assembly process is very simple.

Materials and tools:

  1. 8-10 round wooden slats 20 cm long and 2 cm thick;
  2. sandpaper;
  3. drill and drill;
  4. pencil (marker) and ruler;
  5. cord
  6. scissors;
  7. paint and brush.

Step 1

We take the rail and work well with sandpaper.

Next, from the ends of the slats, measure 6-7 cm and mark, so do all the slats. In the marked places we drill through holes.

Step 2

Paint the slats and leave to dry the paint. Reiki can be painted in one color or make them multi-colored.

Step 3

Take the cord and cut 2 pieces of length 90-100 cm. Fold the 2 pieces together, retreat from one end of 30 cm and tie the knot.We thread the cord through the holes in the slats on the one hand, we tie the knot, then we knot another knot, thus we have a handle, and we pass the cord through the holes on the other side. Finally, knotting the loose ends, the knot should turn tight to the rail.

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