You will not believe how many children have the most large mother

From the living. The record of our compatriot, who gave birth to 69 babies, still could not beat.

One child in the family - it seems not enough. Two is fine. Three - well, everything is no longer necessary. Four - well, you guys give! Five - this is the mother-heroine and a reason to retire early. And if children are 44? ..

Yes, sometime in dark times, a Russian woman named Vasilyeva (the history did not keep the name of this Russian woman, unfortunately) gave birth to 69 children. Four times she gave birth to fours, seven times - triplets, 16 times - twins and another 27 times one child. But there is an explanation for this - few people heard about protection a century ago. And half a century ago, contraceptives were also rare. Plus, extraordinary fecundity, and even religious considerations ... But now, in the modern world, to give birth as a wound — what can push it?

Never mind. It just happened. Mariam Nabatantsi, 39, lives in Uganda. Poor African country, medieval traditions.Marriam was married when she was only 13 years old. Husband girl appointed a 40-year-old man. Was she ready for adulthood? No, it was not.

“I was just given to him,” she said. - It is not known that it would be worse to stay in the parental home or get married. The stepmother tried to kill me by slipping broken glass into the food. I was lucky that I survived. And my husband constantly beat me up. If he ever appeared at home. ”


The first pair of twins, Mariam gave birth a year after marriage. Two years later, triplets were born. Then - fours. By her 39 years old twins, she had already given birth six times, triplets four times, and four more were born four times. The rest of the babies were born "solo".

“My husband was one of those fathers that gives children names by telephone. Nothing really interested him in raising him, ”says Mariam.

After the sixth birth, the woman already had 18 children. She did not want to give birth anymore. Especially since I had to bring them up alone. It's rather difficult to raise one, is it 18?

“I asked the doctors to sterilize me. But they refused, they said that it was too early, that I shouldn’t do it, ”Mariam shrugs.

She tried to protect herself. With contraceptives in Uganda, things are not very good, but something managed to get it. True, nothing helped. Mariam is still properly pregnant and giving birth. And all the natural way. Only the last time she made a cesarean. Pregnancy, too, always proceeded normally, without any complications.

By age 39, Mariam had 44 children. Six died shortly after giving birth. But the rest of the mob - 38 children - somehow had to be raised. And you know, these children do not look sick, miserable or unhappy. Like Mariam herself. Let the father of children in their lives no longer appear, she is only better off. Moreover, the doctors once again refused to do the sterilization.

“This insane fecundity ... No one can explain why this is so,” Mariam.

In the end, this situation has attracted media attention. And one of the journalists even announced a collection of donations to help Mariam and her children. It was not possible to collect very much - about 8 thousand pounds. But for a poor African family, this is a lot of money.

"Thank you. And take care of your children. Men should not forget about their sons and daughters.Having children is a joint responsibility, ”said Mariam, when she got the opportunity to address the general public.

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